Donatella M

Furstenball/ Jazz Time/ Latimer
17hh Black Oldenburg Mare
Breeder: Marne Martin-Tucker
Donatella M -- aka "Corvin" -- was bred in Germany by Marne Martin-Tucker. Her dam, hand-selected by Tucker and Holly Simonsen, did not disappoint when paired with Furstenball. The pretty black filly blossomed into a gorgeous mare.

At her GOV inspection, Donatella M received 8s for type, conformation, impulsion/ elasticity (trot), walk, , head, neck, and saddle position. She received a 7.66 at her AHS inspection, including 8s for head, typiness/ femininity, walk, impulsion/ elasticity, and overall impression, and a 9 for her neck. 

Trained by Alice Tarjan, Donatella M competed in the Yound Horse Tests as a Four-Year-Old. She qualified for Lamplight and was third in the 4-year-old Young Horse Championship with an excellent score of 8.2.

Donatella M is in foal to Revolution for 2017.