Runningwater Warmbloods foals are typically sold in-utero. Please contact me if you're interested in a foal, an expected foal, or a future foal from one of my mares. I give special consideration to upper level riders.  

Expected, April 2019:

Feinrich (Furst Heinrich/ Sir Donnerhall)        x        Bonita (Canto/ Contender)

Congratulations, Elma Garcia!!

Expected, May 2019

Gardenia (Negro/ Contango/ May Sherif)  x     St. Schufro (St. Moritz Junior/ Don Schufro)

Expected, July 2019

Harvest (Connaisseur/ Ulft)          x                       EM Raleska (Rascalino/ Warkant)

Congratulations, Wendy Sasser and Lehua Custer!!

Also, I love that good friends Alice Tarjan, Harvest's owner and rider, and Lauren Chumley, who trained and rode Raleska for her MPT, are pictured here on this foal's parents.

2018 Trips and Visits

WEG, Wellington, and More

In 2018, I was lucky to meet Faraday's owner, Lauren Bamford, when she and her dad came to meet her new colt and attend his inspection. It was great fun hanging out and talking horses and of course I feel I've gained a friend.

When Lehua offered me tickets to WEG in Tryon, the fact that prospect of seeing world-class dressage outweighed the prospect of meeting an equally world-class hurricane, so off I went. We were not disappointed! The dressage was incredible,  I got to meet Carl Hester, and Lehua got the last flight out of Charlotte before the hurricane!

By December, Lehua was in Florida training Wendy Sasser's horse F.J. Ramzes with Debbie McDonald. Wendy and I traveled to Havensafe Farm to watch the training. The people I met, the horses I saw, and the cameraderie and teamwork among them all was absolutely inspiring. That includes the friends I got to see from home -- Alice Tarjan and Lauren Chumley. I'm so happy for everyone who gets to spend time in Florida for the winter season -- Wellington is amazing!

Notorious H2O

2018 Ampere/ Desperado/ Ferro colt

Congratulations on the purchase of this wonderful colt to his new owner!

By Ampere, this colt is out of Icky L, a young Dutch mare who, at her keuring in Ermelo,  earned her Provisional Keur and Prok status , meaning her scores for conformation and movement (several in the 80s) were exceptional. Icky comes from a very strong damline -- all names traditionally ending in -icky, which explains her name. Both granddams as well as her dam achieved their Prestatie status. 

I'm thrilled to see this gorgeous colt go to a top dressage pro! Their partnership will be thrilling to watch.

Faraday H2O

2018 Floriscount/ Rascalino/ Warkant colt 

Congratulations Lauren Bamford on the purchase of this red-headed boy!!

Faraday is a large, well-conformed, big moving colt and I'm very pleased to know his owner, Lauren Bamford of Saskatchewan, Canada, will raise him as a stallion prospect. 

Frankly, I couldn't ask for more as a breeder. Lauren's upper level riding experience -- both in Europe and North America -- and her depth of knowledge as a horse trainer mean Faraday is in excellent hands. I can't wait to watch their progress and  enjoy their success!

Faraday H2O is the third full brother by Floriscount out of Raleska. Repeating this cross has yielded excellent results and Faraday is no exception.

Franco H2O

2017  Floriscount/ Rascalino/ Warkant colt owned by Bryce Adelle Quinto-Cavanaugh

In the wee hours of June 24, 2017, a night of torrential rainstorms, Raleska had a beautiful black Floriscount colt, as dark as the night he was born. At just two weeks, Franco H2O went to his GOV inspection and earned Premium and Foal of Distinction. The inspectors cautioned his owner, Bryce Adelle Quinto-Cavanaugh, not to geld this special colt and were thrilled to hear he'll be raised as a stallion prospect.

Demona H2O

2017  Revolution/ Furstenball/ Jazz Time filly owned by Alice Tarjan

Donatella M had a lovely, tall, dark bay Revolution filly on April 4th, 2017. She's so leggy I think it will take her a few weeks to truly unfold. It's clear that Revolution added quite a bit of bone to this intelligent, big moving filly. Congratulations, Alice!!!

Fortunato  H2​O

2016 Floriscount/ Rascalino/ Warkant colt owned by Lehua Custer

Fortunato H2O -- aka "Tuna" -- has been special from the start. Even at a few days old he showed his enormous, rocking canter and lovely trot. He's won hearts from coast to coast, most importantly his owner, Lehua Custer's.

Lehua spent nearly ten years working as Hilda Gurney's assistant before she started her own Lehua Custer Dressage, based at the LA Equestrian Center. Now she trains with Debbie McDonald in hopes of starting her international career. Lehua, who had been searching for a prospect for almost a year, followed Raleska's pregnancy on Facebook and inquired about him moments after his birth.

Tuna wowed us at his GOV inspection, where he was named Premium Foal and Foal of Distinction. About a month later he took on Devon, placing well in top company. 

I'm very proud to say we all hope Tuna will not only become Lehua's next Grand Prix mount, but that he'll remain a stallion. He now lives in California, where he'll be raised and, hopefully, will be presented to the GOV someday.​

"Tuna is a fantastic prospect," says Lehua, "and I am so impressed with his temperament....  Hilda [Gurney] is quite pleased with his attitude and movement and sees real stallion potential."

10 days old: Tuna (right) and his sire Floriscount (left).


Amber and Sieg are well-matched -- she is as patient as he is bold! They will be a force in the dressage ring someday. In the meantime, Amber, an excellent rider and trainer, is focused on bringing Sieg up to be a solid citizen. You can read about their path in the February 2017 issue of Dressage Today, the second installment of "The Kindergarten Years" by Diane Skvarla.

2014 Sir Gregory/ SPS Donerhall/ Akut gelding owned by Amber Fies

Formal Attire RW

2014 Freestyle/ Wolkentanz I/ Lauries Crusador gelding owned by Heidi Conlon

Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer Heidi Conlon chose this flashy colt as her next competitor and I couldn't be more thrilled! Heidi has had much success in New England with her big horse Donnerzauber, who she bought as a young horse and trained to GP. She and "Tie" have already had some breed show success, earning scores in the 80s and ribbons to match. 

UPDATE: Sadly, Tie died in a pasture accident. I'm so very sorry to hear of his tragic loss. Hugs to you, Heidi.

Field of Dreams

2012 Fielding x EM Raleska mare owned by Lindsay (Mutschler) Bumm

Purchased as a foal by Lindsay Mutschler, who also owns her sire, Fielding, Rylea was named Top Filly at her Hanoverian inspection. At just three years old, "Rylea" went on to win Top Hanoverian Mare at her Mare Performance Test, with 8s on neck, frame, foreleg, and hindleg, giving her an overall 8 for conformation. She earned a 9 for her walk, 8s for impulsion/ elasticity and overall impression, and finished with a 7.66, tying for 10th placed Hanoverian Mare in the country with the AHS that year. 

Under Lindsay's careful guidance, Rylea has gone on to a successful show career, doing well both under saddle and over fences. She competed for the first time at Wellington's Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) in 2017, delighting us all by winning one of her first classes! Better still, Rylea handled the show atmoshere like a pro (see pic), ears pricked and ready to work.

Field of Dreams, age three at her MPT, 
handled by Quinnten Alston